Animix Ways to Play

So Many Ways to Play!

For children of all abilities, Animix allows them to express themselves freely without limits or rules. This freedom is key in their development and will help them with problem solving and resilience as they mature.

Learning through Imagination

Animix™ is a creativity activity that has been designed to stretch and explore children's imagination, encourage their independent thinking and build confidence.

Children learn best when they are happy, relaxed and doing something they enjoy. There is so much evidence that nurturing children's creative minds through art exploration ignites a desire to learn across other subjects too.

Animix Drawing cards provide a creative tool to spark children's imagination and build self confidence whilst they mix the animals on the cards into one final creature in their drawing.

They don’t need to be budding artists because they are working within the world of fantasy, where anything goes. Each card features an animal and a fact. The facts are a point of interest and discussion, and can also spark ideas for storywriting.

There is an ever-growing range of Animix Drawing cards and activities. Some of the Drawing cards have additional functionality to supplement the creative exercise: - Numeracy cards can be used to introduce some cross-curricular mental maths whilst Literacy cards can be used to play word games and encourage story writing.

Throughout this booklet see the many ways that Animix Drawing cards can be used creatively and educationally.

This is a beautiful safe haven for children to invent, to explore, and to be original in their thinking.

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Gig Sixsmith

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