Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up. Pablo Picasso
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What is Animix?

Animix Game

Animix™ is a creative activity using traditional drawing methods and materials that stretches children’s imagination, nurtures independent thinking and builds self confidence.

How to play?

Choose two or more Animix™ animal cards, (at random for a surprise, or choose by sight) and create a unique new species by drawing a combination of those animals.

Create a name for your new species by mixing the names together in a creative or funny way.

Write a story about your new species. Animal facts on each card will spark the imagination and give ideas about animal features, behaviour, lifestyle and habitat, which can all be developed to feed into story writing.

Animix™ is very versatile and can be played in groups or as one. It can also be taken into different creative mediums; collage, modelling clay, pastels, paints, or into different styles; famous artists, cartoon, pop art, abstract.

It is suitable for all drawing abilities. The way in which a child imagines, interprets and creates a new species is a personal and fluid process.

Animix Game

versatile, easy to understand and play

stimulates individual creativity and original thinking

gives children the freedom to express themselves

nurtures self-confidence and independence

feeds into creative storywriting

simple fun, endless permutations

Our Products

Drawing Cards

Themed drawing card packs. 36 cards per pack. Each card features an animal and a fact.

  • Original
  • Endangered
  • Rainforest
  • Marine
  • Extinct
  • Discovery
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Patterns

The drawing cards are very versatile and can be used in many different ways:


6 Poetry-tales. All the characters were inspired using the drawing cards.


Full, half day and after school workshops in schools.
Ideally suited to KS1-KS2.

Our workshops are designed to explore the imagination whilst supporting key elements across the school curriculum including:

Please contact me for further details about our workshops, including costs, or to arrange a complimentary demonstration workshop.

See our workshops in more detail below:

Ways to Play

Animix is extremely versatile. Please click the button below to see the many ways that Animix Drawing Cards can be used.


Each of the workshops can make use of a combination of the themed card sets available, which provides an opportunity for some cross-curricular learning.

Original - Endangered - Rainforest - Numeracy - Literacy

animix explore

half day/full day

This workshop is all about being inventive and exploring the different ways to be creative with Animix. Children can work individually or in groups. Includes a intro session about imagination, and a group story session to stimulate the children’s imagination and show them how their 'new species' can evolve into stories.

animix stylise

half day/full day

This workshop extends the creative into the wonderful world of the stylised image. It can be tailored to a specific artist or a specific style of art; abstract, cubist, pop art, caricature etc. Includes looking at and discussing examples of the artist’s work or the chosen art genre.

It can work as an extension to ‘Animix explore’ as a half day workshop.

animix 3d

half day/full day

This workshop uses modelling clay. Children can explore the different ways to bring their 'new species' to life in a 3-dimensional format.Includes access to a tub of plastic animals which the children can use to help them to understand the concept of form and shape.

It can work as an extension to ‘Animix explore’ as a half day workshop.

animix collage

half day/full day

This workshop takes the creative into a collage. Working individually or in groups, children create their 'new species' using a mixture of materials. The collage can follow a specific theme if required eg. rainforest which works well as a group activity, or puppets which works well if the children are working individually.

animix you

half day/full day

This workshop involves creating an Animix of yourself! Children can draw themselves mixed with an animal they think they’re like, or one they would like to be. Perhaps they’d like to fly like an eagle? Or run fast like a cheetah? Or perhaps they’d like to be a camouflaged animal playing hide ’n’ seek? In this workshop we discuss and compare animals’ characteristics with ours as humans.

animix story

full day

This workshop extends the creative into storywriting. The children can explore their 'new species' using the facts on each card and their own knowledge, and can start to build a story line. If working as a group they may decide to elect an author, an illustrator and researchers amongst the group members. Involves team working skills.

Workshop Rates: (+ VAT)
Full Day: £200
Half Day: £125
After School Club: £60/hr
Children's Packs: £3.00 per unit

All workshops include the use of Animix cards for the duration of the workshop. Materials to be supplied by the school or can be supplied on request at an additional cost. Children’s A6 size Animix creative packs (to take home) are available at a unit cost of £3.00. Each pack contains: 6x Animix animal cards (randomly selected), 1x small drawing pad, 3x coloured pencils - supplied in a branded polypropylene wallet.



A beautifully simple concept that provides endless possibilities for creativity.


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Gig Sixsmith

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I am an advocate for the power of imagination as a source of nourishment for children's personal development and creative thinking. Inspired by my two daughters when they were young, I designed 'Animix' a range of educational creative products which stretch children's imagination and build self confidence. I use these products to run imagination workshops and competitions in Primary schools and I have had some beautiful feedback. I also write and illustrate story books with a focus on nurturing children's mental health:
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